DIY: How to dress up like a Bengali Diva!
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Indian women are gifted with natural grace and striking features, and when we talk about Bengalis here’s how they manage to look pretty and different from the rest others. If one wants to try that look at some point then have a look at Swara and her family of three–
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1.       The traditional ' laal par sada' sari  – Since age’s women from Bengal have strongly clung onto old traditions. Even today when there is an auspicious occasion all the women of the house clad themselves in the oh so gorgeous 'white and red' sari considered to be a good omen. That’s what Swara wore to celebrate ‘Nabo Barsho’ , The Bengali new year
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2.       Kohled 'taana chokh' We all know and admire those beautiful almond shaped eyes also known as 'Taana cokh' in Bengali! But what makes them striking and sensuous is the thick kohl put perfectly defining the shape. 
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3.       Glass bangles – Any Indian traditional look is incomplete without bangles. But if you are a bong that too a married one, the 'shakha pola' (red and while bangles) define your look. And for the yound unmarried girls, there are those colourful glass bangles to help you out. Check out the traditional red colored bangles Swara is flaunting!
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4.       The bold statement bindi – Bengalis are also known for their Bindis. They usually wear bold statement bindis brightening faces and enhancing their sharp features. Just like this picture!
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5.       Style of wearing the sari pallu Bengalis are not only fond of different variety of sarees but also have a typical way to drape it. The typical 'kantha', 'Benarasi', 'Dakai' or 'Balucheri' saris have heavy work on the pallu, often narrating a traditional story, hence they are display with their quintesential Bengali Swag! Check the style out in the picture below!



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