Diwali sparks in Bharadwaj house! #Sasural Simar Ka 29th November-5th December Weekly review
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Diwali in Sasural Simar Ka was definitely more dramatic than most households! 

Khushi went on a jewellery buying spree on Dhanteras and chose the most expensive to anger the Bharadwaj family. On the other hand, the family had to compromise by buying some cheap utensils. When Simar chided Roli for not paying attention to Siddhant, she rudely asked her to mind her own business and not meddle in Siddhant and her life when she herself had gambled away even her baby. Khushi and Veeru were very happy on hearing this fight. Mataji and the other ladies went to yell at Roli who was already crying out of guilt. But Manoranjan avoided this confrontation. Roli saw Veeru eavesdropping so she complained to Manoranjan a little more. Then she went to Simar but instead of accepting Roli's apology, Simar herself apologized to Roli for bringing these bad times to the family.

The family went out for Diwali shopping but had to let go off a lot of stuff due to their tight budget. In Siddhant's office, Naina was crying as everyone in the office was making fun of her due to her clumsiness. Siddhant reassured her and made her smile, and because of this, Naina complimented him by saying that he was a very nice person. In Bharadwaj house, Veeru was suspicious about Roli and Simar's fight but Roli hid the truth by taunting him about his status in the family. Khushi saw this and warned Veeru not to talk to the family. Night came, and Veeru gifted Roli a gold chain but asked her to dance for it. After a lot of attitude, Roli finally danced with him, happy that her plan had worked. To escape Veeru, Roli went to the bar and asked for a drink. Veeru ordered alcohol, and Roli was terrified of having to drink gin to convince Veeru.

But smart that she is, Roli distracted Veeru and poured the drink and replaced it with soda. She then acted drunk outside the club and Veeru was convinced about her being a 'bad' girl. Veeru held her hand offered to drop her home but Roli unleashed her taunts about being Khushi's slave and challenged him that the day he was rich, she would be his friend. Manoranjan was also happy that Veeru's ego was hurt and that he would soon do something wrong.On the day of Diwali, the family decorated the house with their limited means and Roli taunted them. Angered by their happiness, Khushi called the decorator and asked him for expensive decorations. The family was still happy and sung about Diwali, making Khushi very angry. Siddhant tried talking to Roli but she ignored him to show Veeru her disinterest.

On the day of Diwali, Simar apologized to her baby about not being able to show her affection. In the evening, panditji came for the puja but Siddhant still didn't return from his office. Suddenly, the lights went out as Khushi and Veeru cut off the electricity. When the family went out to investigate, Khushi taunted them about Diwali being plunged in the darkness. But Simar found a way out by lighting a lot of diyas in their section of the house. Mataji was very happy and the resumed the puja. Siddhant's phone was unreachable when Roli tried to call him. Siddhant was angry as Roli hadn't called him but still decided to go for the puja. 

Just as Siddhant was leaving, he saw Naina working alone in the office. She sadly revealed that she was in office as she had no one back home waiting for her. Siddhant offered to drop her to a mandir to celebrate with God. Back at the house, everyone was busy with the puja but Veeru wanted to go to the disco. Khushi stopped him and said that his disco would come here. Siddhant came home just in time for the puja but refused to talk to Roli. All the family members were sad that the baby was not there for the 'naamkaran' ceremony but they carried on the puja. Just then, they heard club music coming from below and were shocked to see that Khushi had thrown a party with loud music and alcohol! Mataji shut off the music and tried to lecture Khushi but she insulted Mataji and played the music again. When Mataji tried to shut it the second time, Khushi pushed her away, causing Mataji to fall in front of everyone! 


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