Diwali Dhamaka with Siddharth Shukla
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Balika Vadhu may have already started their Diwali celebrations but we didn’t want to miss out on all the fun! So we have for you here one of the most wanted men on TV, Siddharth Shukla a.k.a Shiv. He seems to have our Anandi under his spell and their mushy scenes make us blush but our Shiv is a very traditional person when it comes to festivals. Read on to find out more!


Excerpts from the chat:


1.How do you celebrate Diwali in your family?

A.It’s a usual Diwali in my family. We do the Laxmi Pujan in evening, full day we try to meet our relatives and there’s more family bonding then anything else. Diwali for me means family time. But yes, it is during this festival that my mother makes ‘Chakli’ and by that we know Diwali has come!


2.You have a sister in real life, how do you both celebrate Bhaidooj?

A.Early morning we do the whole ritual of Tikka. Then we spend some time together and talk, that’s about it.


3.And what do you gift her?

 A.Now I only give cash because she doesn’t seem to like my choice in gifts! We are a very open-minded family; we tell each other directly if we don’t like something. So I think giving her cash is the safest option, she can buy whatever she wants.


4.In Balika Vadhu, your on-screen sister Sanchi doesn’t like Anandi. In real life too does your sister object to your choice in girls?

A.No! She in fact takes the girl’s side and they both pull my leg! Till now in life she hasn’t objected to my choice. 


5.What do you like the most about Diwali?

A.See, when I was a kid Diwali was my most favorite time of the year. We used to be in school and would get Diwali vacations and I would wait for that throughout the year. Then when I grew a little older Diwali became about new clothes. I would get excited to go shopping with parents and buy a lot of new clothes. 

After a few years bursting crackers became my favorite thing about Diwali.  All my friends used to start from morning and my mother wouldn’t allow me until Laxmi Puja is over. So I would sit in balcony and look at them and sulk but as soon as Puja would be over I would run down and join them! I used to tell myself that even if I turn 40 or 50 years old I wouldn’t stop lighting crackers. But now I am so busy with work so hardly get any time but sometimes manage to go with my niece and light a few. It makes me feel like a kid again!


6.Any special Diwali memory you would like to share?

A. More than being special I have had some mischievous Diwali memories! I was a very naughty kid and I have done some very foolish things while bursting crackers because of which I once even burnt my hand. But please I would like to advise all kids not to try this, be safe and have a joyous Diwali!

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