Divine intervention brings Megha and Mohan face to face!
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We all have experienced the fervour of Mahashivratri on Sunday, but the festival  just reached its peak in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha. And what added to the importance of the festival is  Megha and Mohan re-union after a gap of 12 years!

Mohan and Megha have been missing each other silently for the last 12 years, but could never bring themselves to meet each other. Even after Mohan came to Indore, he went to the Juna Mohalla to revisit his old memories but didn’t go to Vyas house. There have been several instances when Mohan and Megha almost came face to face and even sensed each others’ presence, but fate always pulled them in different directions. 

And now, with some divine intervention, finally the couple shared a frame! Their re-union scene, which was shot recently, had Megha getting caught in the middle of a noisy Shivratri procession. Mohan, seeing her in trouble, rushed to her rescue and save her from the crowd. 

What happened after Megha realized that her saviour is none other than Mohan was most interesting to watch. It was full of emotion and the special moments that we’ve come to associate with Megha and Mohan.

Speaking about this scene, Aakanksha Singh (Megha) said, ‘I know fans were waiting to see both of us together. So it’s great that after so many hits and misses, we finally got to do a scene where we are together.’

Agreeing with Aakanksha, Kunal (Mohan) said, ‘Even in Season 1, Mohan had saved Megha during Shivratri, and now I’m doing the same in Season 2. I like the whole sequence and the ambience of the scene.’

So there you go. The much awaited re-union between Megha and Mohan has finally happened! And if you forgot to watch the scintillating episode of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha yesterday, watch the recap!

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