Divided they fall?!, #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 26
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With every passing day, the Bigg Boss house is getting divided into smaller groups on both the Jannat and Jahannum side.


Early in the morning, Andy is seen getting upset with Armaan for all the statements that he had made the other day and decides to teach him a lesson at the right time. Simultaneously, Armaan’s hatred for Shilpa and Apurva is increasing day by day and Tanisha is seen fuelling his dislike for them. She also mentions that he should avoid talking to anybody from the hell-side. Armaan adds by saying that Shilpa is double faced and is in fact the one who is trying to create a rift between everybody. 


In the Jahannum side, Shilpa is seen calling Tanisha a silent player and moreover a backstabber. She mentions that Tanisha criticized her which she did not expect out of her. Shilpa and Sangram are making fun of Pratyusha, Kamya and Tanisha and try to imitate them in a funny way.  Despite the barrier between Jannat and Jahannum, Gauahar and Kushal are seen sharing sweet moments together.


Further, Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the new captain to be chosen amongst the heaven-mates. Hell-mates were asked to give their votes in an open forum while the heaven-mates were not allowed to vote. With everyone voting for Gauahar, she was declared as a clear winner and a sigh of displeasure could be seen on Tanisha and Prayusha’s faces. 


Later in the day, Shilpa tells Gauahar that she is having a peaceful time in hell because she has good company. She adds by saying that Tanisha has been creating differences and provoking people against Apurva and her. On the other side, Armaan is unhappy with Asif’s cleaning skills and calls him lazy and slow. He expresses his anger by saying that if he has to do halfhearted work he should stop doing it.  The atmosphere lightens as the Hell-mates are seen teasing Sangram when he is caught singing ‘My heart will go on’ in a Punjabi style.


Late evening, Bigg Boss announced a weekly task where Jahannum and Jannatwasis had to showcase their dancing skills.  According to the task, two members from Jannat and Jahannum had to run towards a dance floor placed in the garden area every time a song would play.


The Hell-mates tried to improvise their dance steps and showcased some crazy dance moves while Gauahar put up the best show with a belly dance performance. Arman, Tanisha, Asif and Pratyusha also got into the mood and were seen enjoying every bit of it. 


The day came to an end with Arman getting upset with Tanisha for making fun of him over his age in front of everybody.  He tells her that she needs to draw a line somewhere and not get influenced by others.

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