Dipali finds a picture of Meera and Mohan #Madhubala 5th July, 2013
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The episode begins with RK and Madhu leaving for outdoor shoot. AS soon as they leave, Radha goes to the store and frantically starts searching for something. Dipali follows her to see what she’s doing and finds Radha’s behaviour weird.

The servant calls out Radha and asks her to take her medicines. As soon as she leaves, Diplai enters the store room and on looking around finds an old picture of Mohan and Meera. She feels satisfied the proof and keeps it with herself.

On the way, RK asks Madhu if something is bothering her but she is unable to answer him. Once they reach hotel, Madhu calls up Padmini and shares her problems with her. Padmini advises Madhu to speak up the truth if it will help in solving issues.


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