Dipali blackmails Radha #Madhubala 9th July, 2013
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At the set we see Madhu is trying her best to convince RK but he is just not affected by it. Madhu feels disheartened. Bittooji notices everything and realizes that there is something wrong between Madhu and RK. He speaks to Madhu about it but she pretends to be normal. Everyone at the set is playing antakshari, Madhu again approaches RK and this time she sings ' Lag Jha Gale' for RK. RK melts as could see the love for him in her eyes. At the end of the song he hugs Madhu and she is extremely happy to see RK give up his anger.

At RK Mansion, Deepali blackmails Radha and puts forward a condition. The condition is to treat Madhu the way she thinks Radha treats her. Radha vents out all her frustration and doesn't know how to react. Eventually she denies from agreeing to her unwanted terms and conditions. While Radha and Deepali are arguing, Sultan is shown standing at the door. Radha is stunned to see him there.

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