Dimpy slipped into such despair that even Rahul couldn’t pacify her!
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Dimpy, who was already upset by Sambhavna’s reactions and hurtful words, found Rahul walking upto her in order to talk about the entire incident. He tried making her understand that she shouldn’t have got in between when she knew how Sambhavna’s nature was and told her, “Tum usske level pe mat giro.”  He said by involving herself into all the matters that happened in the house, she was not only inviting trouble but also showing a negative portrayal for herself. All Rahul tried to make her understand was that she shouldn’t jump in all the disputes or tensions that happen in the house.This made Dimpy feel even more bad as she expected him to understand and support her when was already feeling shattered. She just gave a blank look as she heard him out all the while. As she turned around she couldn’t control but wept.


Sitting near the pool area she sobbed continuously when Pritam came to pacify her, followed by Mahek. And Mahek told her the same thing that by dragging herself into every event was making it difficult for her to survive in the house. Mahek told that there had been times when she was not even required to react like that. And this was it, as Dimpy howled and said that because she was staying in house since much before Sambhavna got in, she knew that freedom of speech was everyone’s right in the house and nobody could stop her from talking or singing. She also added saying, she if there was no personal rivalry between her and Sambhavna, then why was sambhavana behaving like that with her all the time?


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