Dimpy and Sonali Cat fight!
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  • November 10, 2014
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Seemingly the new lady in the house, Dimpy, who has been ignoring Sonali for her behaviour from the very first day was waiting for a moment wherein she could give it back to her. And did sort of happened when Sonali was busy in the kitchen along with Karishma where Dimpy did rounds passing on comments about her. Sonali got really annoyed being disturbed while at work and especially being judged on the cooking that she was doing and as always was blunt enough to say not to talk about it and also leave it to the kitchen team to decide and tell, if some improvements were to be done!


She didn’t like the idea of any new person, unnecessarily, interfering for such matters. The argument was on the verge of turning pathetic  but Diandra and Karishma intervened! Thankfully, captain Diandra controlled the entire situation but Dimpy stormed outside the room to share her discontentment on the entire matter with Puneet. She clearly spoke that she was against Sonali making statements like she is not here to do household chores! Apparently Dimpy wanted to make the same thing clear to Sonali too, that each and every entity in the house is contributing and nobody works so much at their respective homes like she was boasting about. 


Well, Dimpy sweetie we understand your point but who would communicate this to Sonali? You think this hasn’t been tried before? Ah! I get it,you are still new and need to understand everyone closely. Look at other house mates they have all done everything and now are just relaxed and pretty cool about things or are trying to be (winks), rather should I say “Used to Sonali”?


Watch who gets nominated this week tonight!


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