Dil toh baccha Hai Ji!
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It looks like the housemates are done with all the fights, accusations and arguments as they have turned on their fun side to welcome the finale of Bigg Boss Saath 7. With no more tasks and nothing much to do, the final four decided to rekindle their childhood memories by playing Hide and Seek in the house.

Though it is a little difficult to hide in a house which is wired with 84 cameras but still they managed to fit themselves in itsy bitsy spaces. First to go for the den was our pehlewan ji Sangram Singh. We saw Gauahar and Ajaz pleading to Bigg Boss to open the store room so that it can be used as their dug out. While Tanishaa managed to fit in one of the washroom shelves, Andy was hiding himself behind the baggage.

But wait, did we say that the housemates have given up fights, no way! Even in this child’s play Andy and Sangram got into an argument.

While Andy was hiding himself under Tanishaa’s blanket, Sangram unintentionally landed his foot right on Andy’s face. This miffed Andy and he went around like the house on fire.

Where Andy was having his own issues, Tanishaa highlighted something of a bigger concern, ‘Her blanket being used by Andy and Sangram’s slippers on that.’ Keeping up to his entertaining image, Andy brought in the fun quotient. 

Watch here on how the silly argument ended up in as laughter spree.


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