Dil Se Dil Tak: ‘There’s something fishy about Shorvari’s behavior’ says Parth!
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The story of Dil Se Se Dil Tak has got truly exciting ever since Shorvari took a drastic step of going against Parth and Bhanushali household so that they develop hatred towards her. Shorvari who is in deep gloom currently because of her illness and limited life span wants Parth to start hating her and rather develop feelings for Teni, so that after her passing he can live happily and not remain in pain for her loss.






With a very heavy heart Shorvari is taking each step to humiliate and insult the Bhanushali family. Things went worse when she openly declared that if one amongst the mother and the baby needs to be saved, the latter should be saved which infuriated Parth in anger! He slapped Shorvari unhesitatingly. He couldn’t believe what Shorvari said and criticized her thoughts. Deep within, Shorvari was sensing the success in her plans. She walked out of the scene crying.


Teni felt helpless seeing the couple  in immense pain. She muttered how she couldn’t do anything even after knowing everything.





But just then Parth, who was next to her said that these behaviors couldn’t be Shorvari’s, the person whom he loved. He pondered and said there must be some deep secret or a hidden reason which is making Shorvari do all of this. Parth determines he would get deep into finding the truth.


Will Shorvari’s truth come out in open?


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