Dil hai chhota sa chhoti si asha!
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India’s Got Talent – Season 5 finale is going to be a big day for 11-year-old finalist contemporary dancer Anshu Kumar. “It’s like a dream come true for Anshu as he comes from a very humble background. He had never thought of reaching such a big platform but he always had that madness to do something big in life,” Anshu’s teacher Mausam Sharma tells you. 

Talking about Anshu’s preparations, she said that Anshu is confident about his finale act and he is training day and night. “He is not at all nervous and he is confident that he will win the show,” Mausam tells you. She feels that Anshu’s biggest competitor on the show is Pianist Saei Jamshed.

Anshu’s life changed two years back when Anshu’s father, impressed with his affinity towards dance, started hunting for a proper dance institute. He ended up reaching Mausam’s institute. But he had no money to pay for Anshu’s class. “His father came to me two years back and told me that Anshu has everything to became a great dancer just that he doesn’t have the resources. I saw Anshu dancing and realized that this child could reach places if he is trained properly. I admitted Anshu without any fees. It’s been two years he was training under me and today he is standing amongst India’s Got Talent’s finalists. I knew Anshu is going to make it really big one day,” Mausam Sharma explains with excitement.

Mausam accompanied Anshu in the Patna auditions as well as Mega Auditions in Mumbai. “He is mad about dance. He is not bothered about anything else and focuses on his practice. He practices for 7-8 hours everyday. Even when he performs stunts, he doesn’t get scared even a bit, he just has to get it right,” Mausam tells you.

Despite being trained in all the western dance forms, Anshu loves performing contemporary. “He is trained in dance forms like Freestyle, Bollywood, Jazz, contemporary and hip-hop but his forte is contemporary. He has flexibility and poise to perform modern contemporary,” Mausam tells you while talking about Anshu’s dance skills.

Anshu is going to perform three acts out of which one act will be with Salman Yusuff Khan who is his choreographer for the finale. “I want to fulfill my parents dream by winning IGT,” Anshu adds.

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