Difficult times for Raja and Rani?
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • March 26, 2020
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Tonight on Shubharambh, Gunwant and Kirtida are seen insulting Rani and reminding her about her failed attempts. Listening to this, Rani retaliates and claims that the evil always loses over the good. Going forward, Raja bumps into Chaggan who is lying on the road drunk! He is murmuring constantly and while at it, he reveals that Rani had once lied about stealing, just to save Utsav. Raja is shocked!

Darshana tells Rani having a conversation heals everything and that she should not lose any hope. Raja , on the other hand, is lost in thoughts and is wondering why Rani hid the reality. Will he find his answers?
Going forward, Gunwant arrives at the shop for the Rajya-Abhishek ceremony, but seems quite arrogant in his new avatar. Rani confronts Raja that even of he is not the owner of the shop, she still wont give him a divorce. Utsav, in the meantime, kidnaps Asha. Later, Raja-Rani reach shop. Knowing Raja can’t enter the shop due to pitradosh, Rani purposely asks Darshana if Asha was inside, Raja is shocked to learn that Asha never arrived at the shop. What next? Will Raja find out the truth?

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