Difficult situation for Heer?
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  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • November 12, 2020
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  • 3:08 pm

Last night on Shakti, we saw Preeto imagining Heer as a kinner and faints on the roads. After witnessing everything at Virat’s house, Preeto walked out with a series of thoughts in her mind. Heer who felt extremely bad about buaji’s behaviour towards Preeto wasn’t in a position to say much as she is now the daughter-in-law of that house.

Tonight, Preeto wakes up and removes the drip from her hand and tries to run, however, Harak holds her and tries to control her. While everyone leaves, Maahi sits with her to take care of Preeto. At Virat’s house, Buaji comes in and says that she is hungry. Virat is seen adding red chilli powder in the sabzi and simultaneously, Heer is walking towards the kitchen while speaking with Maahi. Will she see Virat in the kitchen? Gurvinder enters the kitchen too and both of them head out with the food. Buaji in the meantime is impressed with the table set up. Heer is coming out with the food and is about to slip, but Virat holds her. She serves food for Buaji unaware of the excess chilli powder. What happens next?


Tune in to Shakti tonight at 8 pm to find out more.

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