Did You KNow: Why Do One Of These Boys Deserves To Win The Sword?
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The training has been vigorous and tough for Ashoka, Sushim And Shiamak,  the three young warriors in the making who are preparing to win the most prestigious sword of the Mauryan empire. We all know that Sushim has been playing the evil game to somehow break Ashoka's strength and determination but that hasn’t worked so far. All the three share some special qualities individually which make them deserving to be in the race to win the sword.




Qualities of Sushim:

1.) The Best In The Class: Sushim is the best student a teacher could ever get. He is the best in the class. His skills to learn quickly and perform the best technique makes him a tough competitor.

2.) An All-Rounder: Sushim is immaculately skilful. Be it sword fighting, horse riding or archery, he knows it all. He is extremely aggressive and goes to any extent to make sure he gets what he wants.




Qualities of Shiamak:

1.) The Best With The Sword: Shiamak is the best at sword fighting. Nobody can beat this boy when it comes to talent as he is skilled and trained. His techniques and moves are quick, sharp and dangerous.

2.) Fair Competitor: Shiamak's biggest and the best quality as a competitor is his attitude to play fair and not cheat. His belief to win with abilities and healthy competition makes him a deserving candidate in the race to win the sword.




Qualities of Ashoka:

1.) The Underdog: Ashoka is a low class boy, untrained but holds the skills to defeat 10 fighters alone. Ashoka is considered an underdog and that’s what makes him dangerous as his raw skills can invent new techniques which can’t be taught or learnt.

2.) Fearless: Ashoka is fearless and does not give up on anything, come what may. He will stand strong and fight for the right. Ashoka is untrained but his skills are in his DNA and is gifted with natural talent.

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