Did you know these facts about Lord Shiva?
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Known as one of the most powerful Gods, Lord Shiva holds the power of destruction to give so that new life can grow. He also shuns illusions to give people clarity and vision. You can say that his acts of destruction are often viewed as constructive. With the onset of Om Namah Shivay on Colors, here’s stating a few facts of Lord Shiva that you may or may not know. Scroll away!

#1 Shiva Was Not a Distinct God – As per the vedas, Shiva is another aspect of Lord Rudra. Rudra brought the heavy rains that epitomize the monsoons of India whereas the Shiva aspect of him brought new life from the torrential flooding.

#2  Rudra evolved into Shiva – Rudra and Shiva are considered as aspects of the same personality. Eventually, Shiva took over Rudra’s part of a destroyer as well as retained his position as creator.

#3 Depictions of Shiva Go Back to At Least 10,000 BCE: Scholars have found early paintings show figures that seem to have some resemblance to Shiva that dates back more than 12,000 years. The statues may be seen as dancing, holding a trident, or sitting in a lotus position, all of which are characteristic of Shiva.

#4 Parvati is Lord Shiva’s wife: Parvati brought the balance and calmness into Shiva’s life, who herself is known as the Goddess of marriage, love, fertility, beauty, devotion, children, and divine strength and power.

#5 Shiva is known to have multiple incarnations: Some Hindus believe that Shiva has come to earth multiple times in various avatar. One of them is Hanuman, also known as bajrang bali or the monkey-god who helped Rama – Vishnu’s avatar – in the Ramayana.


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