Did the luxury budget task just turn riskier in the House?
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  • October 21, 2014
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Every season the show has come up with new thrills, if we have followed the previous seasons we definitely know how the game has refined year after year and can I say more and more of tadka!! (winks ). Talking about the current season, the tasks being given in the house certainly has been designed with a lot of thought which certainly involves a huge amount of mehnat, khoon and paseena!  And definitely less amount of rest *faint*. Ya khuda!

In the current sweet-making task, working diligently on meethe pakwaans, on a sunny day beating the heat, poorhousemates apparently have no idea how tough things are going to become. Bigg Boss has added a twist stating the winning and losing team will affect the weekly nomination! Looks like nothing should be taken lightly here.How else is Bigg Boss planning to create the task more interesting?

With so much of chaos happening already from day one of the task,I wonder what’s going to happen towards the end of the task. My internal sources say very soon we are going to see a flip from bad to worse in people’s behaviors , and relations turning uglier ..Awww ugly news!

I need some fresh air!


Catch you later!





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