Diandra dares Gautam to kiss her!
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Seemingly, the world is on one side and these two love birds are on another. I caught both of them once again lost in each other’s eyes just after the Saturday ka Vaar got over. As Diandra sat in one corner of the garden and Gautam on the other talking to Puneet, the lovers still kept talking to each other in sign language! What creativite way! As all of them dispersed from the place both of them stood in the garden staring at each other and Diandra acted coy! Then she muttered how fattu he is. He responded saying he isn’t scared of anyone on this earth. But Gauti, last time when I saw you being dragged to the rest room area, you looked quite pale! Why so?

Gautam told her he is just worried what will his mother think of him. Diandra grinned hidingly. Puneet told him too “Tu itna darta kyun hai?” but Gauti tried avoiding the topic. Looks like Diandra wasn’t in mood to spare him so easily, she kept provoking him to show some himmat. Heights of it being the two eating lunch near the rest room area, while others had in the living room.


And guess what happened just a few moments after that! Gautam had enough taunts from Di by then, as Di told him that there was a new latch in the bathroom, Gautam got the hint. He rushed inside the bathroom removing his mic muttering “I am not scared of anybody”


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