Diandra creates hullabaloo over ‘Bal ka prayog’ !
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  • November 5, 2014
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After the abrupt eviction of Puneet from the house, all the gharwaales came on a guard taking the situation very seriously, ghar ke patte patte kaanp gaye! Being well behaved like never before the second day of the task started off smoothly, for a moment I even forgot I was in the same house where people fight like cats and dogs!! However keeping in mind the nature of the task, this was predicted that things wouldn’t go like this for long. Also, who can ignore that both the teams had mostly members who are friends actually in the house, and were using the task as an excuse to show personal rivalry. Giving an example – when Gautam’s team was making the building, Diandra from the opposite team tried throwing away the wooden blocks and Gautam who tried saving those blocks touched Diandra’s hand repeatedly by mistake which didn’t look like the ever famous so called phrase of the house – ‘Bal ka Prayog’ but Diandra behaving Diandra, exaggerated saying he pulled her hand which was a physical violence! *Buwahahahaha* Now what can anybody expect from her when it comes to her and Gautam. Diandra is always on a lookout for a situation which she can blow out of proportion when it comes to Gauti! 

What was Gautam’s reaction? Has he grown over the weeks? Or did he give it back to Diandra?


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