Diandra and Sonali’s Cold War!
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  • November 4, 2014
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Since the very beginning of the show, Diandra and Sonali have been seen having 36 ka aakda with each other. Even though we still don’t know what is the root cause of this catfight but looks like there is some deep reason to their rivalry! Hmmm! On different occasions I have heard both Sonali and Diandra bitching to their friends in the house how they dislike each other.My discreet sources tell me that apparently Diandra and Ujjwala Raut (famous model and Sonali’s sister) were rivals at one point in time who always had a tough competition with each other on professional front and this did not remain till there but a went a little further. Sonali is always found commenting about Diandra that she is very 'Insecure and jealous!' Well Di, whats your response to it? Will this matter lead to a future fight in the house??


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