Diandra and Karishma on different wavelengths already?
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  • December 8, 2014
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It’s become very apparent how the relationship of Diandra with different housemates took a turnaround the moment she got back with Gautam! So yes, on one side where Diandra started sharing and caring with Punzz simultaneously she started snapping at Karishma and Upen, her so called besties in the house, every now and then.


I witnessed, as Karishma punished every housemates for breaking the house rules asking them to take rounds of the garden, Diandra tried being adamant that she wouldn’t do so as her knees hurt. Karishma who was already annoyed to an extent didn't want to believe in her, replied saying she (Di) never ever complained before about her knee ache and that day she was having it out of nowhere which wasn’t going to be accepted by her!


Somewhere I could clearly feel the distance that the two pals have developed over past two to three weeks. With such blunt response what do you think was Diandra’s reaction? Di is already known to have mood swings, do you think she reacted back with equal intensity?


Kya pyaar ne dosti tudwa di??


Watch it all in tonight’s episode!


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