Diandra and Karishma act smarter!
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  • October 28, 2014
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Can someone imagine what these two girls would do if they had no cosmetics for their make-up? This thought itself makes me giggle!!*hahahaha* Just imagine what would be their reaction? You must be joking! Right? So second in the punishment league was Puneet , and as part of the orders he was asked to convince Karishma and Diandra to give away all their make up and keep them in the store room. Initially Karishma agreed to the same and even asked Diandra, and OMG for the first time ever Diandra agreed for such a big sacrifice without any tantrums! That too her make-up kit!!! Now that itself is a news! But I don’t know what struck Karishma, suddenly and she realized that she was initially a part of this task and this might lead to another scam further. So, she went back running to the store room to collect her and Di’s cosmetic bags, which defeted Puneet's efforts as he was allmost on the verge winning! Oh damn! Now what did he do after that? Was he punished in return of the failure? Or did he get another chance?


Well whatever that may be, I just know one thing, Karishma and Diandra cannot give in so easily when it comes to something as important as their make-up kits! 


This reminds me of my own touch up!



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