Dhamini kidnapped! Will Shani be able to save her?
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We recently saw how Ravan feels dejected after Mahadev refuses to go with him to Lanka and reminds him that he told Ravan that if he keeps the shivling somewhere during his journey he wouldn’t be able to take it anywhere further. Ravan hurt by this says he wouldn’t call himself a ‘Shiv bhakt’ anymore. Shani tells Ravan that he kept reminding him that he has his ‘Vakra drishti’ on him and because of his arrogance he is facing such consequences.





Parvati feels happy due to this, and gives vardaan to Shani.



On the other hand Indra who is trying to take revenge from Dhamini makes a plan. Dhamini who is plucking flowers in the garden for Puja senses an eagle keeping an eye on her, she feels something wrong which is going to happen. Indra had asked Kuparn to kidnap Dhamini.





Just when Dhamini is seen talking to Kakol who suddenly bumps into her, the eagle comes and takes away Dhamini. Dhamini cries for help!



More this week we will see Kakol trying to help Dhamini, in the meanwhile Shani hears her screams and rushes to save her. Kakol and Kuparn get into a fight and then the latter realizes Shani is trying to save Dhamini.





Kuparn attacks Shani! Will Shani be able to save Dhamini in the end?


What’s going to happen next?

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