Devanshi : Kusum & Devanshi Engage In Spiritual Conflict!
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Kusum has been trying to fight back ever since Devanshi put a stop to her trickery and fake magic. Devanshi’s faith and belief in doing good has given her the power to turn the tables back on Kusum. But Kusum is not one to sit silent even in the face of near defeat as seen in the previous episodes. She decided to call on the dark forces to help her as Devanshi and Ishwar tried to expose her crimes to the villagers. Kusum was seen performing a ritual as Devanshi prayed to Maiyya to give her the power to stop Kusum’s black magic.


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Devanshi’s faith paid off in the form of a miracle again as she was able to stop Kusum just in time after conjuring a rain to stop the flames (havan) from burning. Ishwar exposed Kusum’s crime to the villagers by showing them a video. This made the villagers angry and they wanted to see justice done.


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In the coming episodes, we will see the villagers taking a drastic action to see Kusum pay for her crimes. Further secrets are exposed and Kusum sees no way out of the situation. Devanshi is hailed as the mata despite her trying to tell people that she is just an ordinary person standing up for what is right and helping people. Golu’s marriage to Menka goes as planned but something strange happens. A mysterious character creates a stir!


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Are you excited to see what happens next?



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