Dev: Vaani finally accepts she is Mehek and reveals to Dev her dark secret!
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Dev who got totally mad at Vaani, after he got convinced that she is Mehek because of some strong evidences asks her to reveal the entire truth or she would have to bear the brunt.





Vaani finally senses that she can no longer keep the secret hidden. She promises Dev that she will tell him the whole truth, just then they both get attacked by someone and the way Vaani fights back stuns Dev and makes him more curious to know her true identity.





Vaani reveals that she has a very dark past, an ugly journey which began during her childhood. It all began when she was a school going kid and lived in a small village of Maharashtra in a happy family with her parents and an elder sister.





One day a disciple of a renowned god man named Swami Atmanand arrives at their place and tells them that his guru wants an ‘Aashram’ to be built in and around their house as that is the most apt choice as per  Swami Yagnesh (his mentor) but Mehek’s father refuses saying they are simple farmers they have no other means to earn their bread and butter and even if they are paid money in exchange of their lands they wouldn’t want to do this.





Few days later there is fire set ablaze in the entire village where Mehek gets separated from her family.  She is kidnapped and next morning she wakes up to see Swami Yagnesh in front of her who says he knew about the wrong intentions of his disciple (Atmanand) and what he did to their village, he ensures little Mehek to take care of her. Mehek also saw inspector Tare whom she killed recently being part of this whole episode.





Later Swami Yagnesh got her admitted in a self-defense training school where Mehek also learnt martial arts as a part of her training. As she grew up and finished her training Swami Yagnesh told her she was ready to take her revenge from every person who became the reason to destroy her entire family.



Mehek reveals how she then set forth in her mission killing one after another which included killing Swami Atmanand also, but later she gets to know that Atmanand was a nice person who was against Swami Yagnesh, and latter was the real culprit who for his own selfish interest used Mehek to seek revenge from Atmanand and other people.



Mehek also takes Dev to her elder sister who got mentally unstable after the fire accident. She also detailed him how she faked her own death.



Mehek revealed how her next mission is to kill Swami Yagnesh, but approaching him is difficult. Vaani aka Mehek breaks down saying all of this.



Dev finally gets convinced.




Will Dev help Mehek in getting justice or there is a new twist awaited on ‘Dev’?


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