‘Dev’ is going to keep you on the edge of your seats. Here’s why!
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Are you excited for the launch episode of the most exciting suspense/thriller series ‘Dev’? Well, anybody would be especially when the show keeps the audience puzzled about the main protagonist being a wanted detective or a wanted criminal! The story would make the audience curious from the very first episode.


Dev as a character is quite sharp, witty, spontaneous and committed to his work. He would get into the minutest of details to solve the mysteries of the cases. He uses his intelligence while evaluating the matters, thinks out of the box to find solutions to things that aren’t possible for a common man to comprehend easily. The best part is he ensures nothing remains hidden from him ultimately. His inquisitive nature and love for his job pushes him to give his best in whatever he takes up. Dev believes in not being part of any league, yet doing things his way that manier times invite troubles for him. People go against him but he pays no heed when it comes to his job.





The death of his wife, Mahek has left a deep impact on Dev’s life so one would also get to see how a person fights the cluster of emotions residing within. At times a person’s life changes completely after an incident that’s totally unexpected.


And top of all the fact that the role is being played by Ashish Chowdhry, an apt choice totally! Ashish has a huge fan following and he looks stunning in the avtaar!





With so many things on the same platter what else could one could ask for?

Tune into ‘Dev’ Sat-Sun at 10 PM!

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