Desi boy of Colors!
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Do you know that Gaurav Chaudhary aka Parmeet Singh Bhullar of Bani comes from a small town Bijnor from Uttar Pradesh? The actor who portrays the role of an NRI on the show is actually a ‘desi’ boy. Born and brought up in Delhi, Chaudhary still has his ‘Bijnor’ values intact. He proudly boasts, “I’m a Jaat from Bijnor and I have got my masculine voice and good looks from my native place. I have been born and brought up in Delhi but I have spent lots of time in Bijnor. My relatives live there and I still visit the place as often as I go to Delhi.” Bijnor is still an unknown name when it comes to the TV industry. “Unfortunately, not many people know about my town Bijnor but I wish to make it popular through my work,” Chaudhary adds.
Gaurav has been in Mumbai for many years now but his love for Delhi is still immense. “It’s a city where I have grown up. Apart from my family, my entire friends circle is there how can I not love it,” Chaudhary tells you.
Gaurav is a not just a hunk but a brainy one at that. During the shoot breaks of Maha Sangam episode of Bani and Uttaran while other actors sit back, chat and relax Gaurav reads about politics. “I have keen interest in politics and I like to stay updated.In my free time I just read newspapers,” he tells you.
Well Gaurav, that’s something worthwhile you do in your free time!
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