Deepika and Avika’s scary experience!
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TV actors generally shoot on the same sets day after day, so it would seem like any change of scenery would be a welcome break for them. But not so for Deepika Samson, who plays Simar in Sasural Simar Ka. She recently had to shoot for a few sequences (Roli's rescue) in a decrepit set, and she wouldn't like to repeat that experience anytime soon!

Deepika had to shoot for nearly four days in the run down set, which was the Bharadwaj family's other bungalow in the show. In Sasural Simar Ka, the house is assumed to be jinxed when its construction suddenly stopped. But according to Deepika, in real life too, the set doesn't give her a pleasant vibe. Says Deepika,” The set is in quite a bad shape and has been leaking continuously. We can deal with that, but someone or the other has been continuously getting hurt on the set. A few cast members fell down or got electric shocks during the shoot. Even I fell down and my bangle broke and pierced my skin, which made me bleed.”

Despite all these mishaps, the crew continued to shoot for four days on the set. And Deepika is not the only one who felt that the set was not the ideal place for them to shoot. Avika Gor, who plays Roli/ Jhumki on the show, also found being on these sets for the whole day a little troublesome. Avika says, “The set is quite dark and damp, with lizards and rats scurrying all over the place.”

Well, the set definitely served its purpose of looking spooky and scary on screen when Simar was trying to rescue Roli. And the actors, too braved through all the problems to give every scene their best shot. And as a parting shot, Deepika says, “We love shooting on our own sets of Bharadwaj house as we are used to it. I can't wait to go back to Bharadwaj house again!”

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