Day begins with the housemates bitching about Ali!
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  • October 31, 2014
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There is a famous saying “You can love me you can hate me but you cannot ignore me”, seems this line is just meant for Ali baba. Although,  none of the housemates spare a moment to bitch about him but ironically they don’t even find someone else as interesting as Ali to be discussed with their first chaai ki cups in the morning. Quite obvious! These days before I get into the house to get scoops, I usually have a fair idea of who is the topic of discussion. And today was like just another day  where I found Pritam, Puneet and Sonali discussing over their breakfast that they all didn’t know who Ali was before he entered the house!! And that they thought he was just another ordinary singer. Pritam mockingly said, “400-450 stage shows kiye honge ussne, surpassing even A.R. Rehman” to which Sonali and Puneet laughed it out!


I think the housemates are making him popular by  talking about him in the house. Is there any aspect left about Ali to be discussed?? Well neah! I don’t think so! Its an overdose of Ali this season!



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