Day 2 of BB Laundry task brings up more fights in Bigg Boss 10 house!
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Day 1 of BB Laundry task was rather eventful. Bigg Boss decided to cancel that day’s task as none of the teams could complete the assignment of 35 clothes. So the task is done again in tonight’s episode and it will take the drama to an all new level!


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Right from snatching clothes from hands of other contestants to hiding clothes, Indiawale resort to everything they can think of. Rohan gets into a rather ugly fight with Manveer, Manu and Navin. Amidst all this, Navin seems to be the most affected one as he screams and yells at the drop of a hat. Manu, Navin and Manveer also charge towards Rohan during the fight but they are stopped by Rahul and Lokesh. Click here to watch video!


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Nitibha suggests Akanksha that if she can, she should hide clothes without getting noticed. Akanksha does exactly as she is told. Watch video here!

Navin tries to sabotage the task for Celebrities by pouring water on their ready to send clothes. Bani gets angered by this and decides that she would do the same. Have a look at the video right here!


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The task takes an entirely different direction as contestants continue to fight and get hurt in the process. Will any of the teams be able to complete the task? Or will they end up losing out on the luxury budget for the second time? Action unfolds tonight! Only on Bigg Boss 10, at 10.30PM! Don’t forget to tune in!

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