Damini to get a heart attack in Uttaran
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  • June 26, 2013
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Meethi recently went through some heart breaking moments as she got to know Akash’s truth and how badly he deceived her. Another tough moment is going to arise soon when Damini will get a heart attack because of Maiyya.

In the upcoming episodes we will see that inorder to keep her brother and son happpy, Maiyya calls Damini and threatens her to not send Meethi back to Aatishgarh.  Maiyya’s words affect her so much that she has a major heart attack. Meethi, who is alone at home at that time, tries to help revive Damini but is helpless. Interestingly it will be Vishnu who will come and help her in this predicament. 

When Veer and Tapasya asked Meethi to divorce Akash, she couldn’t make up her mind about her feelings for him but after meeting him in Aatishgarh once again she decided to sign the papers.But the story took a major turn when Agarth Mama asked Maiyya and Akash to get back Meethi as the bahu of the house. Obviously, his move was made for his own personal agenda but Maiyya too played her cards well and gave Akash the permission to bring Meethi back and also made sure to threaten Damini on the phone. 

What will happen when Meethi comes to know the real reason behind Damini’s heart attack? Will Akash, who is set to get her back, pay for his Maiyya’s threats? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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