Dadaji and Suzi get arrested on ‘Belan Wali Bahu’.
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  • January 31, 2018
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This week once again Roopa gets into a big trouble after the family’s plan to surprise Dadaji by putting their family picture in Rajnath Agarbatti packet fails. Dadaji comes to know about the same and puts blame on Roopa for it. Dadaji and Suzi then leave the house after this. Everyone gets shocked and they all blame Roopa once again.





Later Dadaji is left with no money and is then forced to sell Agarbattis on streets. Laddoo feels really bad seeing the condition of Dadaji. Everyone at home feels tensed about Dadaji not being home.





In further episodes we will witness how Dadaji and Suzi get arrested by the police. Laddoo convinces Roopa to release Dadaji from the jail, Roopa further convinces the family for the same and they all reach the police station.



You need to watch the episodes to know if Dadaji gets the bail or no. Do you think Dadaji will forgive Roopa after this?




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