Curious case of Imam’s disappearing act
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The day starts with an apt song ‘Junoon’ as the housemates wake up to a brand new year. Imam approaches Sana and requests her to make up with Sapna and start afresh this New Year. Sana denies his request by saying that even Sapna can do the same. In sometime, Sapna is seen in the bedroom showing off a gift that she received from Imam. Sapna tells Urvashi that Imam gave her the ‘kaala dhaaga’ that his parents had got from their Haj pilgrimage. Niketan and Urvashi mock Sapna by saying that she will get all the property once they get married as well. Imam is seen upset about somebody wasting four rotis. He calls Delnaaz and asks her for the culprits who threw the rotis in the dustbin. Delnaaz tells Imam that she is unaware and Imam goes on about how disgusting the people who are who could throw food in the dustbin. 

Soon, Sana enters the living room and tells Imam that Rajev and she had thrown the rotis as they had got spoilt as it was kept outside for over a day. Imam pounces on her and goes on about how one should learn to respect food and confirmed that he is going to eat the rotis himself. Rajev enters the room and explains his side of the story. Imam and Rajev get into an argument and soon that turns into an intense fight. Rajev starts calling Imam some demeaning things and Imam gets personal too. The two erupt and are finally pushed away from each other by the rest of the housemates. After the fight the housemates tell Rajev to stop reacting to Imam’s comments. After the fight is resolved, Imam goes about telling the entire house to convince Rajev to apologize to him for his unruly behavior. 

After sometime, Imam goes to the store room as the bell rings. While Imam complains about a particular juice to the camera, suddenly, two men dressed in black kidnap Imam and take him out of the store room. Sapna realizes that Imam had been in the store room for longer than usual and goes to check on him, only to realize that Imam was actually missing. All the housemates assemble in the kitchen area and talk about the mysterious case of Imam’s disappearance! Niketan and a few others doubt that Imam has been evicted. The housemates make their own assumptions and start laughing at the situation. 

Meanwhile, Imam is transferred to a special room that has a TV that shows the live feed of the house. Imam is instructed by Bigg Boss to stay and observe the others in the room till his next instruction. Bigg Boss then asks Rajev to pack Imam’s belongings in a suit case and keep it ready. On hearing this, Rajev laughs and gets to work immediately and other housemates help him. Niketan and Sapna are seen bitching about Rajev and his character in life. Imam watches along and appreciates every part of the criticism that comes out of their mouths. The duo discusses how Rajev has no personality without Delnaaz by his side. Soon, Bigg Boss announces his displeasure with the luxury budget task performance by the housemates and confirms that there will be no luxury budget due to the same! 

The housemates are upset with after this announcement and the likes of Rajev and Delnaaz are seen justifying their part in the task to each other. After a while, Bigg Boss sends in the Hyundai Eon task letter to the housemates. Urvashi reads out the letter to all. The housemates are required to make their style statements with the car by posing all around it. A photographer clicks various images of them. After sometime, Urvashi shows the Hyundai Eon calendar with all their pictures to the rest of the housemates. The housemates enjoy looking at their own poses and call it a night.

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