Cracks appear in the Vaishnav family: Sanskaar Weekly Recap 5th-11th June
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The Vaishnav family was worried when Karsan collapsed because of high blood pressure, and Kishan and Dilip were even more worried when he declared that he would resign as MD of the mill in favour of the younger generation. (Watch as Ansu Baa supports Karsan’s decision)

This decision created a lot of chaos in the Vaishnav family. While Kishan and Bhoomi wanted to support Dilip’s nomination, Ketki, Hasmukh and Mayank were all looking to get some of the power. 

Bharti and Bhoomi bonded over Kishan’s childhood stories, and Kishan was happy to see Bhoomi’s acceptance of Bharti. Ankit’s feelings of being left out of the race were fanned by Bharti, who asked him to join her if he wanted power in the house. She also showed him the papers that she had found, which left Ankit shocked. (Watch as Bharti makes the offer)

Kishan promised Hasmukh that Dilip would be made the MD of the mill, and later consoled Bhoomi when she looked worried about the Maharishi’s warning. During the morning aarti, Bharti poured acid in the lamp, which resulted in Bhoomi’s saree catching fire. The whole family panicked and Bharti lunged forward to put out the fire, for which the family thanked her. (Watch as Bharti pretends to save Bhoomi)

Dilip and Kishan both refused to select the designs of the chair for the MD, and Ankit felt left out once again. The fire incident shook Bhoomi up, and Kishan had to make her realize once again that together they would take care of the family. 

Bhoomi and Bharti both wanted to look after Ansu Baa, but she granted the honour to Bharti as she had saved Bhoomi’s life, and also asked her to cook for the family. During lunch, Kishan was happy to see that Bhoomi had made his favourite sabji, and the family had a good lunch. When Bharti found out that Ankit too, liked the sabji, she threw it away into the kitchen sink.

When Ankit came for lunch, Bhoomi was shocked to see that all the sabji was gone, and suspected Ketki of foul play. This caused a scene in the Vaishnav family, with Ankit flaring up over his wants being ignored and leaving the dining table in a huff, and Ketki raising a hue and cry over Bhoomi’s questions. (Watch as the family’s peace is shattered)

Bhoomi was in tears as she thought that the fight was her fault, and Parul and Kishan had to calm her down. Bharti added fuel to the fire by instigating Ramila and Ketki against Bhoomi. She also taunted Ankit about being worthless in the family, and assured him that she would tell him a way to be worth crores if he met her in her room.

Bharti has successfully started her mission against the Vaishnav family. Will this end with the destruction of the family or will Kishan and Bhoomi manage to save their relations?

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