Court trial for Dev this weekend for being accused of his wife’s murder.
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There have been end number of speculations about detective Dev’s wife’s murder. Dev is accused of killing his own wife. Is it possible?




This weekend on ‘Dev’ we will see how during a court trial it is proved that there was a camera fit inside the room during Mahek’s murder and everything was recorded as a clear proof.

The prosecution lawyer Fatima Hydari will go out in proving this case, stating Dev has indeed killed his wife. Dev knows how much he loved his wife, will he be able to defend himself? This is something to watch out for.




In another case we will see Dev investigating a case of an old couple been murdered in their Andheri, Lokhandwala home.  There have been cases of burglaries around the same locality before as well, as Dev sets out to find out the culprits he speculates if the burglary and these murders are inter-related.

Post solving the case Dev while on his way back home sees a woman who looks alike his dead wife Mahek. He is dumbfounded seeing this, thinking if she is his wife in real or he is dreaming. Mahek was dead right in front of Dev and he clearly remembers it, lost in thoughts he follows the woman and suddenly meets with an accident.

What happens after that?

To know tune into ‘Dev’ Sat-Sun at 10 PM!

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