Countdown to the Grand Finale begins! Bigg Boss Saath 7: Synopsis day 99
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The last and the final week of Bigg Boss Saath 7 has finally arrived and the top 5 housemates are now competing to make their place secure in the Grand Finale.  Post Armaan’s exit, Tanishaa appears to be quite low on enthusiasm and limits her conversation with the other housemates. She chooses to sit alone in a corner and is seen crying as she is missing Armaan. Sangram tries to console her and tells her that it’s just a matter of one week after which she will be a free bird.  Ajaz also joins in the conversation and shares his experience of Bigg Boss with them trying to make Tanishaa feel better.

Later, Ajaz is seen having a dialogue with Heaven where he talks about his joyous journey in the house and thanks Bigg Boss for this wonderful opportunity. Ajaz tells Heaven that he has got attached to this house although he has lost a dear friend and is not being treated well because of the few circumstantial disputes. 
As the day progresses, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the living area and congratulates them on completing  99 days in the house.  At the same time, Bigg Boss unveils a mysterious briefcase that is placed in the living room tied up with chains while but maintains a secrecy about the content. While the housemates keep prying the briefcase, they are asked to collectively elect one contestant who deserves to own it. 

While the housemates are having a discussion and breaking their heads to come up with a name, Gauahar voluntarily opts out of the discussion saying that she doesn’t want the briefcase. Andy further suggests that the briefcase should go to Sangram as he is one of the strongest and toughest contenders in the game. Not being able to lock one name even after having a series of discussions, the housemates decide to go for a voting system. One by one, the housemates start giving out names except Tanishaa who is not in favour of voting system and backs out at the last moment. Andy gets quite upset over Tanishaa’s behaviour and taunts her for not taking a stand.  Tanishaa gets offended with Andy’s comments and they both have an argument. Later, Tanishaa is seen talking to Ajaz in the garden area about Andy’s brash behaviour and how he has now come down to playing a game with his friends. 

As the day comes to a closure, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the garden area where a podium is placed on a side and the housemates are asked to stand on it. In a delighted voice, Bigg Boss makes an announcement about Bigg Boss winning a trophy for the best non-fiction show at COLORS Golden Petal Awards. He further congratulates the housemates as they lift the trophy and pose with it on the podium. 

What more twists are in store for the Bigg Boss housemates in this finale week?
To find out, keep watching Bigg Boss Season Saath 7, every day at 9 PM…only on COLORS! 

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