Contestants to face Prop pe Prop challenge!
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  • June 24, 2013
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Every week the judges throw a challenge at the contestants from the Red Box and more or less most contestants go through the drill easily. This week’s out of the box challenge is a little tricky game that is sure going to leave the contestants confused.

The idea is called ‘Prop pe Prop’ meaning that each contestant will get a different prop which they need to incorporate in their act. But the toughest part is that it could be anything. From a broom to a dagger to even a person, this prop could be in any form! While the idea was introduced in Episode 8 of Jhalak the real props assigned to each contestant will be revealed to them only once they go back to the Jhalak house. Suspense!

We can’t wait to see what prop each contestant is getting and how well can their choreographers make use of it. We are thinking more on the lines of Drashti dancing with a hunter to Siddharth serenading a Teddy Bear. It could be anything! What are your guesses? And what prop would you like to see for your favorite contestant? Tell us the comments box below!


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