Contestants at the mercy of Secret Society?
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  • September 22, 2014
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If you have had a sleepless night after the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 8, wondering about what is this Secret Society all about, you need not worry more! Your Khabri is here to give you the inside scoop.
Towards the end of the Grand premiere, Salman Khan had introduced three members as a part of the Secret Society, who will have major advantages inside the house. Yes, by the power vested in them by Bigg Boss, these three contestants will have the authority to take decisions inside the house and their wish is going to be the command for the housemates.
By the sound of it, looks like these 12 contestants will be at the mercy of Secret Society. Unfair? Wait until you read this, the three members are keeping a close eye on each and every contestant and monitoring their moves.
Seated inside a special room with access to the monitors and headphones, Secret Society will take a call on who makes it to their comfort list and who rubs them on the wrong side. Based on this they will decide the list of contestant for the first Bigg Boss Task!
Interesting eh! Now we will just wait and watch if they make the passengers’ journey a smooth ride or a bumpy one?
Stay tuned to know what the first Bigg Boss Task is?
Over n Out Khabri!

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