Comedy Nights Exclusive: Mika and Sohail in the house!
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  • September 3, 2015
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  • 5:33 pm

It will be a fun-filled weekend. With Comedy Nights Bachao airing on Saturday, television will for the first time experience comedy at a brand new level.

Mika Singh and Sohail Khan will take the hot seat this week on the show. Mika known for his ‘kiss-kiss’ fiasco will surely have a lot on the line. With Mika on the hot seat, controversy is bound to happen and there is no guarantee of what all beans this ‘jatt’ boy will spill. Like his older brother Salman Khan, Sohail too likes to keep himself fit. Muscle power it is for this ‘Khan’ boy! But is it just the muscles that keep him busy or there is more? Find out all this and lot more in the nerve-wrecking grilling session which we promise will be doused with slap-stick and on your face mockery from the host of comedians on the show.


Don’t forget to catch Comedy Nights Bachao this Saturday, 10 PM

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