Comedy, Action, Madness, Drama on Bigg Boss! Synopsis, Day 46
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There are many emotions that contestants experience in the Bigg Boss house and when they are given the opportunity to double some of those emotions, the fun quotient promises to go through the roof! What seems like a usual day in the Bigg Boss house, will soon turn around as the contestants are given the opportunity to amplify the entertainment levels.

In the morning, the housemates notice a buzzer which has been set up in the garden area which promises to treat them to comedy, action, madness and drama! Comedy is the first emotion that they experience as notorious animals like gorillas and bears enter the house and create some fun elements which are troublesome for some contestants and purely entertaining for all others. After finding their footing, the startled contestants soon join in and have fun as they dance alongside the ‘animals’ who are making them laugh so hard!

Afternoon defines action as ninja assassins and sword fighters make their way into the Bigg Boss house appearing to have stepped out from a Japanese action film! The Ninjas bring with them a young damsel in distress whom the contestants will be seen rescuing. However, when they see who the hostage that the Ninjas have left behind is, let’s just say that the contestants are in for quite a shock!

But it is evening that the contestants are really looking forward to. As the outside temperature cools down, the contestants, who are completely prepared for drama to enter their lives will witness an item number involving some goons and cops to the song ‘Aa Re Pritam Pyaare’. The contestants also participate in the dance moves and shake a leg with the young woman who was performing before them. But the real drama will come at the end when the goons and cops leave the dancer behind and introduce the contestants to another pretty lady who will reside in their midst!

Whatever said and done, there is now a new energy in the Bigg Boss house, and looks like it’s going to stay that way! But to know how far this new excitement will go and what form it will take, we are going to have to wait and watch.

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