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You maybe the biggest fan of your favorite show/actor but there are times when it just not possible to catch up on all episodes.We bring you a quick weekly roundup suggesting the most shocking/ dramatic/funny and action-packed scenes which just made our day! Let's take a look at what were the major highlights from the week gone by
1.Shocking Scene of the week- Colors' launched a brand new show Swaragini on 2nd March from Mon-Fri 9:30PM. Based in Kolkata, it is a story about two girls Swara Bose and Ragini Gadodia and the unresolved fights between the two neighbouring families. This week Swara gets to know that someone has come to see Ragini for marriage and she isn't quite happy about the decision. In order to help Ragini, Swara goes to talk to the former's family but there she gets a shock when Shekhar Gadodia, Ragini's father, slaps her!
Will this slap bring out harsh truths of the past?
2.Dramatic scene of the week- In the midst of a colorful Holi Anushka and Devyani from Shastri Sisters united with Simar from Sasural Simar Ka to help reveal the secret of the 'laal darwaza' owned by Naagin Roli. And behold, they find Shruti captured inside!
28 (24)The drama unravels when Roli challenges Shruti that she'll get close to Sidhant in the next 15 days and she won't be able to do anything about it. When Roli is trying her tricks on Sidhant, Shruti smartly plays the tunes of the flute and unable to control her instincts Roli does the 'Naagin dance' and the whole family is witness to her true self!!
3.Scene that made us fall in love-Moving on from drama and fights let's talk about scenes that redefined love. From a few weeks Ranvir and Ishani have been spending intimate moments clandestinely to hide from family. But finally this week Ranvir is all set to renew his wedding vows! In a very romantic manner Ranvir said the three golden words to Ishani, gifted a wedding dress and the two also shared a dance. Aah, love stories are so heart warming, right!
4.Jaw dropping scene of the week- Catwalk stunt was the most difficult stunt of the week.Especially balancing out oneself on poles became quite difficult for the girls in Khatron Ke Khiladi.
5.Vamp of the Week- Judging by the week gone by, it is the character of Naagin Roli (played by Sara Khan) in Sasural Simar Ka that really left us amazed! Her portrayal of the vicious Naagin makes us officially declare her our Vamp of the Week!
6.Star of the Week- Coming to the stars that captured everyone's attention this week, Ashoka's (Siddharth Nigam) tragedy of losing his mother broke our hearts. Unable to accept that the truth, Ashoka believes she's alive and stoically refuses to fulfill the funeral duties. With a heroic yet touching performance Ashoka is named as the Star of the Week.
Are there any of your favorite moments from the week gone by? Do you agree with our choices for Star and Villain of the Week? Share your thoughts with us in comments below!
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