Colors’ Weekly Roundup
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  • April 27, 2015
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It was one of the most exciting week on Colors as new members of the Sharma family entertained you like never before. If that wasn’t enough there were some outstanding and never-seen-before talent on the biggest platform of India’s Got Talent 6 which left us numb. Here is a quick recap of the moments you shouldn’t have missed.

1.) Star Of The Week:


Well, what can one say about this man. His impromptu comic timing is a gift and we all love it. A new Daddy on the block, Bittu Sharma and his extended family left no chance to make us go crazy with their funny antics and hence he is the star of the week.

2.) Shocking Scene Of The Week:


It was the biggest shock of Ragini's life when Rahul told her that he doesn't love her. Rangini was stunned and couldn't believe what was happening with her. Her eyes were popping out and was literally in a state of shock.

3.) Talent Of The Week:


An act which got everybody off their seats was of the X1X group, who also received a standing ovation! It was by far one of the most superb performances that left all of us including the judges amazed and surprised. Missed it? Watch it now!

4.) Entertainment Ka Weekly Dose:


While Kapil and his family took an 'Ek Saal ka Jump' Gabbar Akshay Kumar came along with the very beautiful Shruti Hassan to inaugurate Gutthi's beauty parlour. A lot of hilarious comedy ensued which left all of us rolling on the floor laughing!

5.) Emotional Scene Of The Week:


This scene was a real tear-jerker! Falguni passed away in an unfortunate accident and Ishani broke down completely. It was one of those natural moments where nobody can control their emotions. It was definitely a very emotional moment in Ishani’s life.

6.) Scene That Made Us Fall In Love:


When you get a chance to impress the judge who is also one of the most gorgeous ladies from the Hindi film industry, what better way to please her than by giving away your heart! It was definitely a memory in the making for this boy from Known Sense Group as his dream comes true on the stage of India’s Got Talent 6  when he got to dance with Malaika Arora Khan.

7.) Villain Of The Week:


The stylish cruel gentlemen Rajveer, popularly known as RB, has been troubling the Bhardwaj family a lot lately! He is one of those villains whose looks can be deceiving and dangerously harmful.

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