Colors’ Weekly Roundup
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Last week on Colors was a thrilling one as all our characters underwent series of emotions. While Chakor was struggling to fight against ragging, Shikhar entered Ishani’s life as her savior and freed her from jail. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important highlights from the week gone by


1.Shocking scene of the week (11)

Swara’s family was trying to deal with her kidnapping while Ragini’s Daadi left no chance to add more fuel to the fire and taunt them about it. Once when the taunting session was at its full peak, Daadi claimed that Swara will only return in her lover’s arms and behold, Swara makes an entry with Ragini’s fiancée Lucky! OH.EM.GEE!

2.Dramatic Scene of the Week


Well, the dramatic build-up to Ishani’s death penalty surely brought us to the edge of our seats. And seeing Ranvir breakdown over the news gave us the teary-types goose bumps. But all’s well that ends well! Ishani was given another chance and freed from jail. Yay to all fans!

3.Emotional Scene of the Week


Balika Vadhu is such a show that always makes us emotional, in a good way. The way the relations are shown in this show will make you reach out to your loved ones and express your love openly! Similar thing happened last week when we saw a reunion of sorts between Anandi and her lost daughter Nandini. While both were unaware that they share a beautiful relation, their meeting touched our hearts and made us love our parents all the more! I love you, Mommy! 

4.Thrilling action of the Week (10)

A week before Semi Finals and the game has just gotten tougher for our daring Khiladis! While some like Iqbal Khan were facing issues handling emotional and physical pressure, Chang won the Ticket to Finale by performing a daredevilry stunt. Way to go!

5.Entertainment ka Weekly Dose


So what if we lost the Cricket World cup? Our very own ‘Sittu ka World Cup’ left no stone unturned to provide us this week’s dose of entertainment! And we haven’t yet stopped tripping over this picture of Sunil Grover dressed as Siddhuji posing with the real man himself!

6.Villain of the Week


Finally we have a male taking over this honour! Suraj a.k.a Chote Babu in Udann has had an evil week trying to rag little Chakor in all way possible. His last trick was to lock Chakor in the classroom on a Friday, leaving her all alone in the school premises during the weekend. Bully alert!

7.Star of the Week

unnamed (9)

From the time he has entered the show, he has sure captured the attention of everyone. And Shikhar’s starry quality came upfront when he played a major role in rescuing Ishani from the jail and uplifting her death penalty. Woah, “tumhara dhyaan kidhar hai, humara hero idhar hai!”

Do tell us your favorite moments from the past week in the comments below! 

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