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Last week has been a mixed bag of emotions wherein some shows our characters have gone through severe issues and on the other hand some of them have revisited their wedding moments. Such ups and downs in the character’s lives is what makes us love watching all our favorite shows! Here’s presenting a weekly roundup of the major highlights from the week gone by. Check it out!

1. Shocking Scene of the Week

Well, there were many contenders for this category since each story plot has given us shocks at different level but Ishani blaming Ranvir to have killed Chirag really made us scream, “OMG”! In a shocking twist, Ishani blamed Ranvir in front of the police that Ranvir has killed her ’love’ Chirag because he was jealous of him and she only married because of family pressure. We were as taken aback as Ranvir, believe us!


2. Dramatic Scene of the Week

We know Swara has been firm on her decision to save Ragini from marrying a guy like Lucky, but she would do it like this? Just wow! In a bold manner, Swara went up to Ragini’s family in front of Lucky and his parents and revealed the kind of rowdy person he is. She admitted that Lucky is not the ‘Sanskaari damaad’ Ragini’s father is assuming him to be and he should call off the marriage immediately. Everyone’s reaction to this bold speech was priceless! (7)

3. Scene that made us fall in love

While even the story line of Sasural Simar Kaa has been dramatic, but the reunion of Roli and Sidhant really brought out the ‘awww’ from us! When Naagin Roli was trapped in a cage the whole Bharadwaj family including Sidhant got to see her real avatar. Each time she touched the rods of the cage she got electrocuted and the real ‘Naagin’ came out in full form. Seeing this Sidhant realized his folly and in no time ran to his wife Roli a.k.a Shruti and in a tearful moment filled her ‘maang with sindoor’! Aah, filmy just as we like it! (8)

4. Entertainment ka Weekly Dose

We’re introducing a new category this week called ‘Entertainment ka Weekly Dose’ and who else to first receive it than our funny family of Comedy Nights with Kapil! This week Bittu Sharma took us down memory lane and in flashback showed us his disastrous yet hilarious wedding with wife Manju. The whole family is oh-so-crazy!


5.Jaw dropping scene of the week

Competition factor has just been on a rise in Fear Factor Khatron ke Khiladi Darr ka Blockbuster Returns and this week the contestants faced the Wild fiercely. But what really made our jaw drop was when Asha fell down while trying to drag a lion. Imagine, a lion trying to eat his dinner behind you and at that moment you fall. Oh, the creeps!


6. Vamp of The Week

Helena has very smartly killed Ashoka’s mother Dharma and has her eyes set on the throne. For her cunningness and calculative moves to weaken Ashoka, we think she played the role of a perfect vamp and hence announce her as the Vamp of The Week!


7.Star of the Week

While on one side Helena became the cause of Ashoka’s pain, on the other hand despite being ragged continuously for days Chakor managed to attend school and complete her homework. Her dedication to gain education really makes us believe that where there’s a will there’s a way. The inspiring kid Chakor is our Star of the Week!


Which has been your favorite moment from the past week? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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