Colors’ Weekly Roundup
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  • June 8, 2015
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Last week, viewers were left numb when Ragini drank poison and tried to kill herself. On the other hand, Prem losing Simar against Rajveer’s evil gambling plan was hear wrentching too. Here are the moments you shouldn’t have missed.

Superstar Of The Week:


Ashoka is in desperate search of his guru, Chanakya, who has been kidnapped by Helena and is kept in a secret chamber.But, after a lot of efforts, Ashoka has been successful in finding out the way to the secret chamber. Ashoka is our superstar of the week as he is just a step away from rescuing Chanakya. If you missed how Ashoka found the way to the secret chamber, watch it here!

Shocking Scene Of The Week:


This scene was truly a shocker, not only for the viewers but also for Swara and Lucky as Ragini put both of them in a very difficult situation. She challenged them to prove their love for her by asking the one who loves her the most to drink the bottle of poision along with her. If you missed watching what happened, Click here now!

Talent Of The Week:


Last weekend we witnessed some of the most amazing talents that left the judges and the viewers of India’s Got Talent astounded as the Semi-Final of the season 6 kicked off in style. It was Lokendra Pal’s robotic dance act that took the accolades away. This week, he takes takes the spot of the talent of the week. If you missed Lokendra Pal’s semi-final performance, watch it here!  

Emotional Scene Of The Week:


It was an emotional moment in Balika Vadhu to see Ratan Singh pass away. At his funeral, Manu learns that Jagya was not his real father but it was Ratan Singh who is no more. This left Manu in a state of numbness and he went through an emotional turmoil. See how Manu reacted on his father's death!

Entertainment Ka Weekly Dose:


Last weekend was a double dose of comedy on Comedy Nights With Kapil as the cast of Dil Dhadkne Do was still aboard.

Scene That Made Us Fall In Love:


Little Chakor, who is in a battle against time to rescue Bhagya from the temple and wants her to break free from all the toture that she is going through, got a much needed support from none other than bollywood actress Vidya Balan. If you missed out watching Vidya Balan in Udann, Click here now!

Villain Of  The Week:


Rai Bahadur Rajveer has turned the tables and has put Bhardwaj family in a situation, which has left everyone stunned! He tried to take away Simar, as Prem lost everything in a gamble against Rajveer, including Simar(catch the episode here). It was a successful evil plan by Rajveer which makes him the Villain of the week.

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