Colors joins hands with Equal Rights Music Project for Peace Anthem
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  • January 25, 2016
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Peace anthem is a noble endeavor by Colors and Equal Rights MusicProjects aimed to spread a message world over at a time when peace and harmony is a little shaken. Here are a few questions answered by Manish Bhatt, Founder Director of Scarecrow Communications Ltd. 

How was this idea of Peace Anthem born?

As the first song of EQUAL RIGHTS MUSIC PROJECT, we wanted to create something topical yet meaningful for the whole planet which has almost forgotten how to stay calm, peaceful and in harmony. I thought let's remind them with the medium of poetry and music.

How do you think a song can unite two nations?

Music never be caged in geographical boundaries. When the 'problem' of terrorism can unite the nations to fight against, then why a musical communication solution to tell the world to embrace peace during the time of terror' can't unite the nations.

Why did you choose Colors Channel to collaborate with?

Colors is a huge platform for a humble attempt we are making EQUAL RIGHTS MUSIC PROJECT, of creating meaningful music in a collaborative way. Raj and his team is extremely sharp to understand the spirit of the project and generous to support it with heart and soul.

Do you also subscribe to the thought that such songs and anthems have a strong connect with people and invoke patriotism, like it used to in the 80s and early 90s?

Considering the life people have today; they do not have time to reminisce. I think music is a classic art form and patriotism is a classic emotion. It works at your subconscious, it will always connect. My strong belief is they will find time to cherish such classic things.

When in an age where people have lost touch with humanity, how do you think this anthem will be received?

When the world has lost touch with humanity, especially, such reminders are needed. We are not looking an overnight hike in views and virality… It is designed to be consumed for longer period, just like I did ” RESPECT THE NATIONAL ANTHEM ” or “HOSTEL / HOLI” for eye bank association of India or “JITYU HAMESHA GUJARAT” being unofficial anthem of Gujarat.

Tell us the strongest thing about “Kabootar- A peace anthem”, which you think has the power to seed it deep into people's hearts and minds.

Kabootar is a popular metaphor. It is a symbol of love and peace for masses. So far people have consumed “kabootar ja ja” kind of popular musical expression. I think turning that metaphor of masses to convey deeper and meaningful poetic and musical expression was a rewarding challenge to take. And the metaphor in a completely new perspective should connect with people.

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