Colors’ feels like home: Shresth Kumar
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Sanskaar – 2 is going through a major highpoint and the entry of new character Hitesh Kumar is making it all the more interesting. Hitesh, who is Jai's sister Avni's husband, is a shrewd character and by the looks of it is here to create more drama in Vaishnav family. We spoke to the actor Shresth Kuamr who is seen portraying this intense role and this is what he had to say.
You’re back on Colors as Hitesh Kumar in Sanskaar – 2. Tell us something about your role. 

I haven’t played such an interesting character before and I am actually enjoying it. Hitesh Kumar is shrewd, selfish and gets his way done but doesn’t do it in a negative way. When I read my lines, I actually feel great while performing this intrinsic role. Earlier too in Na Aana Iss Des Laado I have played a character with grey shades but this is very different from it.

How has the association been with Colors?

When I was told about my character for the first time my only thought was that this would be a great role to play, an awesome opportunity. I have already worked with Colors in the past and this is my third show with the channel. Colors’ feels like home! Now my only wish is to play a lead character is one of Colors’ shows.

Have you been able to create an equation with the other co-stars?

See, I already know most of the cast members from before. I have worked with the director Deepakji in Bairi Piya, I have even worked with Divya Bhatnagar who plays the role of Ketki. So that has helped me gel with everyone and already I think the entire cast is too sweet, very professional and its fun working with them. 

Has any Sanskaari-ness rubbed off on you? How Sanskaari are you in real life?

I think I am already very Sanskaari in real life! (Chuckles) My parents have taught me good values and I respect my elders and more importantly women. But yes, while working here with senior actors I will definitely adopt the lessons I learn because it’s important to keep learning the good things in life.

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