Code Red Weekly Round Up
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Last week in Code Red we saw some heart wrenching true stories from our society which once again acted as an eye-opener for all of us.

Here’s a glimpse of what we saw  –


1.Chor Chor – The first episode of the week featured a story about a teenager boy called Sanju. He was a thief and that was his only source of earning.  The story started off by showing how Sanju got caught red handed, stealing money and jewellery from Rajesh’s flat, who was the owner. Sanju was beaten up badly but on discovering what Sanju did, Rajesh felt compassionate towards him. Rather filing a complaint against him he chose to take him to the nearby clinic to get treated as he bled profusely. Rajesh took the responsibility to give Sanju the right guidance, he encouraged him to study in night classes and make himself capable enough to earn well in future. But Rajesh wasn’t aware that Sanju never cared for any good but his only intention was to steal money and distribute amongst his friends.  Sanju kept making fake stories to gain sympathy from Rajesh. Later, Rajesh gave him a job as a peon in his office and Sanju started his night classes too. But one day again the negative side of Sanju rose up, he stole Rs.50, 000/- from Shrikant’s drawer, who was Rajesh’s colleague. This time Rajesh felt completely taken aback and cheated! He broke down. He shared his shameful story of past, that made him so strong and made him a man of principles. For all the happenings, Rajesh apologized to Shrikant and promised would return all his money. But twist in the tale happened when Sanju turned up absolutely guilty and shameful for his acts. He returns Rs.45, 000/- to Shrikant and promised the remaining amount soon, by working hard and also continuing with his studies. Hence said, all’s well that ends well.


2. Gaaddari – Last Tuesday’s episode took us through the story of two friends who were very close to each other, one named Amit the other Sandeep. The story unfolded when Sandeep discovered   that Amit is involved in criminal activities which he himself shared. As a matter of concern Sandeep quietly took a decision to help Amit out of this. He took the help of his other friend named Arun who was a crime branch officer.The story projected serious concern by Sandeep towards Amit, whereas Arun took it up as a criminal activity that needed to be stopped. After a lot of struggle and chase Amit got finally caught along with his two other friends who were sent to normal jail while Sandeep to juvenile home for three months. Towards the end it was shown how cheated Amit felt by Sandeep for revealing about his truth. Sandeep fumed with anger and decided to take revenge for this!


3. Spiritual Guru – The story took us through a journey of fraud Godman who mislead people. A cunning man called Manish used to cheat on his wife. In order to get rid of her he got in touch with the spiritual guru. The two tried to influence Sandhya (Manish’s wife) to kill herself for the sake of their epileptic son and better living.  However Ashima and Dr. Bhaskar sensed about the situation being fishy somehow, they thoroughly discouraged her to do anything as such. They told her not to act foolish by taking such an action blindly. Not just that, the two social activists get together to help Sandhya out of the situation. Eventually exposing both Godman and Manish.


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