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Code Red has been an eye opener for viewers as it presents case studies which make us aware about the wrongdoings in society and urges us to come together and fight against crimes. From this week the show starts a new segment called 'Talaash' which will showcase stories that unravel unexplained paranormal experiences that have occurred with people around. 

Let's take a look into what's happening this week:

1.Story of Aarohi

There is an urban legend in Mumbai that every night around 1 am, a girl comes in an auto, the meter reads 45 and she doesn’t have change to spare. So she tells the auto driver that if she doesn’t return in 10 minutes, he can come to 603 and collect the money. He goes upstairs and knocks on the door and asks for the money. The father opens the door, gets the exact change and as he is about to close the door, the auto driver sees the same girl’s photo on the wall with a garland on it!

The story is about a college going girl named Aarohi who shares a very good rapport with her father. It is more of a friendly relation between them than of a parent-child. Aarohi wants to attend Parth’s birthday party, a guy from college whom she likes, but is afraid to ask her mother. She asks her Dad for permission and he says yes only one condition that she must return home by 1 am. And he also convinces his wife to allow her.

Aarohi goes for the party and after some time realizes that it is almost 1 am and is about to leave when Parth offers to drop her. But she refuses saying that it is his party and he shouldn’t leave, so she ends up leaving alone. Aarohi is a bit tipsy because she has had some drinks. She hails an auto and is on her way home but falls asleep on the way. The driver notices her tipsy and takes a diversion to pick up his brother. He drives the auto to an eerie place and they pull her out of the auto. In that struggle, her phone falls on the floor of the auto and her hand hits the meter which reads 45 rupees. The meter gets stuck there. They take Aarohi to a dilapidated building and rape her. 

Aarohi falls unconscious and when she regains her consciousness, she tries to run but the driver and his brother manage to catch her and kill her.

Aarohi’s parents get tensed and try to reach her through her friends but no one has seen her since the party. They file a complaint with the police. During this, her father keeps getting signals, like when he is travelling in the lift, the lift stops on the 4th, 7th and 3rd floor but not on the floor he wants to go to i.e. 6th. She has a habit of scribbling on the class desk and Parth notices the numbers 473 scribbled on it which weren’t there before. 473 is the number plate of the auto.

Few months down the line, we see the same brothers trying to rape another girl when suddenly out of nowhere they feel a supernatural force around which throws the driver from the building and he dies on spot. His brother sees Aarohi’s face and freaks out. He runs out of the building to the police station and confesses to his crime and he is arrested after further investigation.

2. Cries of a mother

We see a car being driven on a very lonely road. A guy in his early thirties seems to be in a rush to get somewhere and he passes the signboard which says “After 8 pm enter at your own risk”. He gives it a look and wonders why. As he moves ahead, he sees a woman standing on the road asking for a lift. His first reaction is to stop for her but decides against it as paranoia kicks in. As he recalls the signboard, he accelerates trying to ignore her. As soon as he passes her, he sees her running besides his car at the same speed. Shocked and terrified, he accelerates even more but she keeps her pace. After speeding at his level best, he manages to get rid of her. Cursing under his breath and sweating profusely he is glad that she is gone for now just to hear a lullaby in his ears. As he sees in the rearview mirror, we see the same lady inside the car, in his backseat with a kid in her lap.

It is said that Delhi Cant road is not only known for being an army base but is actually quite famous for something that would give you the chills!

It was 1994, a dark night on a very lonely road. We see Suhani with her adorable son, Sparsh, on a scooty heading somewhere in a rush. But out of nowhere 3 guys in an expensive SUV appear driving rashly and unfortunately bang into Suhani’s scooty. The SUV stops and the 3 guys get down. Out of fear of being caught in a legal mess, they flee leaving behind the woman who is bruised badly but the kid is fatally hurt and bleeding profusely. She’s hysterical trying to stop any car that comes her way, begging and pleading them to stop and help her but nobody does. The kid succumbs to his injuries and dies; the mother is left devastated. She gets back to her husband and spends some sleepless nights. Finally she decides to fight a legal battle as she has seen the faces of the 3 guys already. These three belong to a very wealthy family and fighting them takes a real toll on the already devastated husband and wife. Eventually Suhani is found dead in mysterious circumstances, and is believed to be killed by the guys’ family.

It is said that her spirit still lingers around on that same street where she once lost her only child’s life.

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