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This week Code Red highlights stories about reincarnation, forceful marriages and college ragging. Each story gives us an insight into the horrific acts still occurring in our society. Let’s take a look at the stories that are going to be in focus this week

Reincarnation of Simran

Simran is a 9 year old girl and being the only child, Simran is given a lot of care and attention by her parents Shweta and Abhay.  One day their family friends come over to show them footage of their trip. They are watching the video when Simran joins them and identifies the location immediately as Kherwadi. This incident triggers her memory and she starts recalling her past life. She starts getting ready like a village lady, talks and walks like them. She has a painting of her current family which she blackens and draws a picture of a family consisting of a village lady in a sari with a baby girl in her hand and her husband standing next to her.  Her parents get tensed and take her to a psychiatrist. She tells them to take her to the place she is talking about as sometimes it is just the child’s imagination. 

Shweta and Abhay take Simran to Kherwadi and get stunned when Simran gives accurate directions to the driver and they reach the Bhalerao house where a wedding is taking place. Simran goes and touches the feet of a 45-year old man, Shankar Bhalerao. She tells her story of how she is killed by her sister-in-law and the servant. She speaks about her past life portraying as Shankar’s wife and states particular incidents which convince Shankar that she is the reincarnation of his wife, Lalita. Simran asks them to dig at a certain location where they find a pouch with rusted jewellery in it. Simran hands it over to her daughter who is getting married and then after getting closure, Simran and her parents leave from that place.

Heart breaking story of Saraswati

The story revolves around a well located in a village of Rajasthan. It was said, that any pregnant woman, after drinking water from this well, faces a miscarriage. One day, the village Sarpanch  decides to get the well cleaned. During the process people were stunned to see a skeleton being dug out of the well. Not only this, there was a silver bangle found which had the name ‘Saraswati’ engraved on it. 

From here the story goes back to 1995 where we see a young girl, Saraswati, getting married. Her mother gives her that silver bangle as a part of their rituals. On her wedding night, Saraswati is taken aback as her husband Jogi doesn’t even touch her and goes off to sleep. Her marriage takes a different turn which she never even dreamt of. On one hand Sarawati’s mother-in-law keeps on pushing her for a grandson. Her brother-in-law, Bhuvan, tries to get intimate with her while she rebels in return. Eventually it is revealed that Jogi is homosexual. 

Saraswati, heartbroken, tells this to her mother-in-law to which she replies, “I am not concerned about anything, I just want you to give me a grandchild, be it from Jogi or Bhuvan.”  Sarawati is completely shattered and doesn’t agree. She threatens to tell the whole village. After all this, Saraswati is beaten to death and her body is thrown in the well. Since then the well has been cursed. It was Saraswati’s spirit looking for justice. After two years, when the skeleton is discovered, the police finds out the truth and Jogi and his family get arrested for their heinous crime.

Shocking story of college ragging

The story takes place in a medical college in Ahmedabad where we see a young student ‘ Shashank’ getting ragged by his seniors, Mayank, Tanya and Akash. His face is forced in a pot, he is stripped naked and gets electrocuted .Shashank couldn’t survive the torture and commits suicide by jumping off his room’s window. From there on his room is closed and declared haunted by the hostel authorities. After one year, we see a young girl, Anushka, who gets admission in the same college. Anushka and her roommate, Khyati, get a message during their lecture from their seniors to report in the foyer at 10 pm. These were the same students who were responsible for Shashank’s death. While they were ragging the juniors, Anushka and Khyati were told to give them a lap dance. Khyati being in fear agrees to do it whereas Anushka rebels. Mayank, Tanya and Akash get offended by her and decide to take revenge. 

Anushka gets shattered after seeing her exam result as failed as her answer sheets were replaced by Mayank and group. She gives up and agrees to their terms and conditions. They send her to the same haunted room where Shashank died. To make it even worse they place a dummy hand in the room. After some time when they enter the room, they find Anushka creepily eating the hand and blood is smeared all over her face. Right in front of their eyes, she jumps off the window!

Mayank and his friends are horrified by this incident while Anushka goes in coma. Her mother tries to file a complaint against them but Mayank gets away with his crime as he is the trustee’s son. After few days, Tanya is found dead due to electrocution. Sanjay is in a lecture where he starts feeling very itchy and runs out of the class. He is running and trips off the staircase and breaks his neck. Mayank is dragged into Shashank’s room by a supernatural force and thrown out naked. Horrified, Mayank runs to the principal’s office and confesses his crime. He talks about seeing Anushka even when she is in coma, goes psychotic and gets admitted in an asylum.  Shashank gets his justice whereas Anushka is back in the college.

Case of the ‘Meow’ Drugs

Tripti, a young 21 year old, enters the college as a state topper. She befriends her roommate Zarina and starts to like a classmate called Harry. However she is too nervous to express her feelings.  Zarina introduces her to this drug called meow meow (a legal drug that can be ordered online) which she explains as magic to boost confidence and energy. Tripti tries it once and never stops. She begins to enjoy a fake life, a change that gets her close to Harry, another MCAT addict. But Tripti fails to realize that she is being taken away from her dreams, her parents and her own dignity by this very drug. Kabir unravels the story of Tripti and brings to light the tragic use of MCAT/ MEOW MEOW.

Boxer girl fights back!

Ritu Chaudhary defeats all odds of poverty against her and makes a comeback in the boxing ring on a national level. She had to work as domestic maid as she did not get aid from government despite being a boxing champion. Kabir brings this to notice of officials and financial help is given to Ritu who manages to bounce back in the ring .

Young kids lose their lives

23 young school kids lose their lives due to food adulteration in mid day meals . Food was adulterated as shampoo and soda was mixed in milk . The culprits are caught as Kabir, with the help of police, manages to shoot them in the act of adulterating milk and rice.

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